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Gas Boiler Service

Prices from £59

To keep your boiler working safely, efficiently and to reduce the risk of breakdown, gas boiler manufacturers recommend your boiler is serviced every year. BoilerWorX are on hand to give your boiler all the care and attention it needs.

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Boiler Installation

Prices from £1295

Our latest offering is a very special deal on a combi boiler swap/installation. BoilerWorX recognise the need to provide a good quality alternative to its high end range of boilers and have negotiated a price-beating package which represents exceptionally good value for money.

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Power Flush

Prices from £250

Central heating systems can gradually build up a combination of scale, sludge and corrosion by products within the boiler, pipework and radiators. This manifests itself as cold spots on raditors, failure to pump to the furthest radiators, and noise in the boiler.

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